Optimaal slib ontwateren

Steeds effectiever en efficiënter slib ontwateren door flocculant optimaal te doseren, volautomatisch en op afstand; Promeco maakt het mogelijk - al meer dan dertig jaar!
Met onze verschillende technieken bieden wij u altijd dé besparende en meest milieuvriendelijke oplossing, of er nu veel of weinig ruimte beschikbaar is.

Wij ontwateren in het buitengebied, stedelijk gebied en in het industriegebied.

Innovation Lab

PromecoFor thirty years, Promeco has been requested to execute projects that vary in complexity and require some extra creativity. You could also call this farmer’s ingenuity. We regularly encounter challenges that we first want to test thoroughly on a large scale. Add to this the fact that we are incredibly passionate and a little bit stubborn; we often want to experiment and pioneer our own ideas and solutions; that might just be the answer to all of our problems! We are well equipped in our own laboratory.

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Sludge dewatering

PromecoOur speciality: becoming more effective and efficient with sludge dewatering by optimally dosing flocculant. We always offer you the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, regardless of how the amount of space available. We do this by settling in an open depot, ship or containers, possibly in combination with geotextile, the Sludge Cylinder® or the folding box. We optimise the dosing process in an innovative, automated, and often remote way.

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Sludge processing

PromecoWhoever deals with sludge properly has an extremely useful, sustainable and robust product in their hands. Promeco has already demonstrated this for many years in practice. For example, we do this by packaging in geotextile that is stabilised if necessary. After this process, the sludge is robust enough to be used for smart, numerous applications. We optimise in an innovative manner: the dosage of the flocculation additive is completely automated, and often performed remotely.

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Recente projecten

Uithoorn: clean-up chemical sludge
Groningen: clean-up excavation pit
Brussels: 8000 m³ foundation piles
Middelburg: Boskalis and Promeco
Leiden: settling of sludge in ship
IJmuiden: removing layer of lime
Leiden: flocculating drilling fluid
Oss: excavation pit dock
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