Sludge dewatering

Our speciality: becoming more effective and efficient with sludge dewatering by optimally dosing flocculant. We always offer you the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, regardless of how the amount of space available. We do this by settling in an open depot, ship or containers, possibly in combination with geotextile, the Sludge Cylinder® or the folding box. We optimise the dosing process in an innovative, automated, and often remote way.

Why should you have your sludge dewatering done by Promeco?

At Promeco, we are amazed to see how often the dosing of flocculant is still manually controlled. After making a few daily observations, the dosing is set and is subsequently hardly adjusted. The result: in many cases, an overdose of 100 per cent. Projects can greatly benefit from the optimal dosing of flocculant. This is often underestimated. Using too much flocculant is not only financially disadvantageous, but also attracts the attention of the competent authorities due to environmental reasons. The excess flocculant often ends up in the surface water.

A better alternative is volume-proportional dosing (how many cubic metres of sludge passes per hour, how does this affect my dosing?). However, the Promeco method guarantees optimal dosing: mass-proportional dosing, with automatic control and feedback of measurement data. During mass-proportional dosing, the Promeco system constantly monitors the dry solids percentage of the sludge. The number of solid particles determines the required quantity of flocculant.

Example graph of volume-proportional dosing (blue) versus mass-proportional dosing (green, the Promeco method). You can clearly see how you can save 35% if you dose flocculant using the Promeco method. Less expensive and no risk of excess flocculant in the surface water!

The benefits at a glance:

  • Financial benefit. By using our method of dosing, you do not add more or less flocculant than is necessary: savings of 30% compared to volume-proportional dosing!
  • No environmental risks. As a result of accurate dosing, you prevent excess flocculant from ending up in the surface water (this can have a detrimental effect on flora and fauna if it is allowed to happen).
  • Reliable process. The likelihood of incurring failure costs when using Promeco’s system is substantially reduced. You thus have control over the most important cost factor.
  • Space-saving. By optimally dosing the flocculant, you require much less space for a conventional open depot.

And it is also worth noting that we optimise the dosing process in an innovative way, fully automated and often remotely.

Where do we dewater sludge

We dewater sludge everywhere, and do not have any limitations in this respect. Just tell us what you need: we have always a suitable technique, tailored to the space available.

Depending on the technique that we use after flocculating, we can easily scale-up to large quantities of sludge (per hour).

Where limited space is available for a conventional open depot in which dewatering can take place naturally, you can substantially reduce the space required by using flocculant.
For example, Promeco flocculates in a conditioned open depot or Geotube®. However, on a smaller scale, for example, for an excavation pit in urban areas or in industrial areas, the dewatering process can take place using the Sludge Cylinder® or folding box.

Our techniques

We also find an optimal solution for the client, regardless of whether a large space or only limited space is available for dewatering. We can already provide you with a glimpse of how we do this by outlining our six tried-and-tested methods. You can find all of the process illustrations on these detailed pages:

Upper row:   Open depot   |   Geotube® (geotextile)  |   Ship 
Bottom row: Settling container   |   Sludge Cylinder®   |   Folding Box