Fully automatic flocculant dosing remotely

Fully-automatic remote flocculant dosing, Promeco makes it happen. Paying close attention to the optimisation of flocculant results in a more effective and efficient dewatering process. We offer you the cost-effective solution for your dewatering project; we developed a fully-automatic, remotely controllable Polymer Preparation and Dosing Installation (PPDI). And it works great!

Independent subcontractor
Promeco is an independent party that, as a subcontractor can perform, together with your organisation, dewatering of sludge during your projects. Our experience is derived from projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

Measuring, properly arranging, being fully conversant with the situation
In the past, Promeco has performed many water bed surveys, and has also acquired significant experience in project management. We know sludge. We came up with the concept of using the Geotube® for the dewatering of sludge. Our insight: paying close attention to the optimisation of flocculant results in a more effective and efficient dewatering process. We were quick to embrace this concept, and with a great deal of success! We developed a fully-automated, remotely-controlled Polymer Production and Dosage System (PPDS). When using Promeco there are no hidden pitfalls: we provide you with services and aids that work and take the load off your hands.

What are your benefits from using the PPDS for flocculation? Just to mention a few:

  • Savings in terms of operation
  • Decreased use of flocculant
  • Expert support
  • Contributing ideas towards the implementation
  • Laboratory facilities behind the probability
  • Software for supporting calculations
  • Fully automated, remotely controlled
  • Regular interpretation of the process – automatic adjustment of the process
  • And of course: all of Promeco’s knowledge and experience!!

Innovation Lab

We are well equipped in our own, unique laboratory. On a surface area of 125 square metres at a beautiful outdoor location, we have various installations that, over the years, have already produced many great innovations for us. Read more.

Sludge dewatering

Our specialty: dewatering sludge effective and efficient by optimally dosing flocculant. We always offer you the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, whether there is much or little space available. Read more.

Sludge processing

After the dewatering process, there is sufficient capacity for smart, diverse applications. Whoever deals with sludge properly has an extremely useful, sustainable and robust product in their hands. We are experienced. Lees verder.