Leiden: flocculating drilling fluid

Bauer Funderingstechniek BV provided foundations for a round multi-storey car park on the Lammermarkt in Leiden. These foundations consisted of twenty-metre long, piles manufactured on-site under the fourteen-metre deep base of the excavation pit. When manufacturing these foundation piles, drilling fluid was released that was collected by Bauer and pumped into settling containers. This allowed the solids from the drilling fluid to settle. Promeco was contacted in order to speed up the settling process. We conducted research and with the help of flocculant we were able to successfully do the job.

Small quantity of flocculant

Note: it usually concerns larger quantities of flocculant for optimal dosing; in this case, it concerned extremely small quantities. The objective was to have as little flocculant as possible in the excavation pit. Research proved we could perform the work optimally using a small quantity. And this was indeed the case! We provided clear recycled water in the excavation pit.

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