Uithoorn: clean-up chemical sludge

A chemical factory in Uithoorn shut down. The water treatment plant was full of sludge and the factory wanted to clean this up properly. However, everything had to be dewatered before it could be disposed of. Not only the sludge in the water treatment plant, but also the sludge present in several storage tanks, the drainage channel (work that we perform with a dredger and a unmanned dredger) and a detention and settling reservoir.

Dewatering: automated and remotely
Promeco was contacted for the processing of the sludge. In mid-May of 2014, we started
equipping and levelling the site. We installed leak provisions and rolled out our Geotubes, with water tanks as containment provisions. We installed pipes and a mixing system so that the dewatering process could begin: as always, fully automated. The container, that we can control remotely, will remain in Uithoorn until the end of June. Upon completion of our work, the processed sludge will be disposed of by an approved processor.

Ton Broeders from Promeco: “Promeco also performs dewatering of sludge from chemical factories. It’s nice that this job was entrusted to us.”

Client: the chemical factory

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