Groningen: clean-up excavation pit

At the foot of the Martini tower, the municipality of Groningen commissioned the construction of the Groninger Forum. Contractor Van der Wiel Infra & Milieu was requested to construct the excavation pit. Before you can pour the underwater concrete, the layer of sludge has to be removed from the excavation pit. Promeco conditioned the sludge that was pumped up for this contractor in such a way that it was quickly dewatered. This enabled it to be transported as quickly as possible through the city centre of Groningen.

Client very pleased with sludge processing

Ferry Staamer (Van der Wiel Infra & Milieu) looks back on the collaboration with great satisfaction. “It was a great project, all of us collaborated optimally. The product that Promeco rents out, the container and the care for the process, were excellent. Ton Broeders has a lot of experience and I have a great deal of respect for the advanced system that he developed. The container was at our location for twelve weeks. Ton only had to visit us once, during the assembly. He coordinated the process remotely, by telephone and using the telemetry system. This is unique, and quite unlike anything that I had ever seen before. His flocculant monitor is 80% fully automated, you hardly have to do anything. It operates efficiently, requires minimal time and effort, and is thus an excellent investment. I think that I spent one hour per day keeping the container operational. Of course, you have contact more often in the beginning, but this is no longer necessary when you can see that everything is working out fine. Especially, after you have become acquainted with the finer points: assessing the flocculation process. Moreover, he was always available for the supervision, from 06:00 to 23:00, six days a week.”

Half a metre of visibility at a depth of 14 metres

Staamer is full of praise about the process, and the end result clearly won him over. “We have succeeded in making the water clean enough to attain visibility of 40 cm at up to fourteen metres from the bottom. When you have almost half a metre of visibility at that depth, then you know that you have been successful. Virtually all of the sludge was removed from the water!”

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