Kruisven: storage area embankments

The ‘Kruisven’ in Nederweert is located in a peat bog area. There were two types of sludge that had to be processed separately: because one was more polluted than the other.

An open storage area, enclosed by Geotubes®
Ton Broeders: “The type with the best quality was dewatered in Geotubes®. All of these Geotubes® were used to create embankments, in a rectangular shape. The other type of sludge was sprayed into the area between the embankments, whilst adding flocculant. An open storage area, enclosed by Geotubes®, was thus created. A discharge gate was constructed in one of the corners so that the clear return water could be routed back to the original pond. Result: the pond was clean again and the sludge was separated into two parts, stored and dewatered. Promeco performed the water bed survey, drew up the plans, the specifications and drawings and provided the project management, daily supervision and environmental support. In addition, we have used our automated Polymer Production and Dosage System (PPDS) (‘Polymeer Aanmaak en Doseer Installatie (PADI)’) to provide the optimal dosage of flocculant.”

Client: ‘Bosgroep’, a management company for nature reserves

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