Nuremberg: our knowledge lab

The German city of Nuremberg has a lake in the middle of the city. Part of this lake contains more than 150,000 cubic metres of sludge.

The complete process has been replicated on a smaller scale
Ton Broeders: “They consulted us and Promeco has contributed ideas for re-using 90,000 cubic metres, for the applications that they envisage. For example, islands for nature development, the construction of embankments and the construction of a natural swimming pool; for this, a part must be separated using a movable dam construction. Promeco has been requested to conduct tests for placing sludge underwater in Geotubes® and stabilising it so that a 40-ton vehicle can drive over it. We have replicated the entire process at a scale of 1:200 in our innovation lab. Dredging, flocculant dosing, placing in the geotextile, and stabilising. We used different additives and, for example, performed load-bearing capacity tests. This report has been submitted and the current plan is to prepare the actual implementation under a so-called ‘Ingenieursvertrag’. We have provided advice and we are now ready to arrange and implement, in accordance with the German legislation and German standards.”

Client: Wasserwirtschaftamt Nürnberg

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