Oostknollendam: Dredge spoil buffer

The ‘Wormer- en Jisperveld’ is the largest contiguous peat land area in Western Europe and one of the most important areas for meadow birds in the Netherlands. The water quality was inadequate and a major improvement project was therefore initiated. Part of the project in this complex environment involves the removal of large quantities of dredge spoil. The engineering company Tauw came up with an innovative, sustainable idea: a solution to store dredged sludge underwater. The idea was elaborated together with TenCate Geosynthetics. In their press release: “The dredge spoil buffer forms a plastic underwater construction behind which dredged sludge is stored. By using buoyancy and gravity, the dredge spoil buffer is able to contain the sludge underwater. This system enables permanent sludge disposal, development of wetland areas, protection of embankments, and retention of water depth.”

Optimal flocculation
Promeco joined in. Ton Broeders: “This was a very nice rush job, just before the breeding season. We performed tests relating to the restoration of depleted shorelines of islands, and the filling of inlets. Tauw provided the innovative fabric construction, we took care of the optimal dosage of the flocculant. Our entire unit was placed on a pontoon that then sailed to the sites, complete with aggregates: thus completely self-sufficient. A splendid project and very pleasant collaboration.”

Client: Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Authority


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