Oss: excavation pit dock

The shipyard Heesen Yachts in Oss has started constructing a large new dock, so that it will soon be able to build yachts with a maximum length of 80 metres. The large excavating company Martens en Van Oord was requested to excavate the soil for the excavation pit. A part of this soil was removed by using a dredging pump on a hydraulic excavator. A great deal of water is required for transporting the predominantly sandy material. This transport water had to be recycled and returned to the excavation pit. The sand immediately settles in the settling containers. By agitating, the fine material would be released so that it is returned to the excavation pit. However, this is undesirable because this would produce a layer of sludge that would make it impossible to pour concrete.

Optimal dosing of flocculant

Promeco was requested to add flocculant by means of optimal measuring and dosing, ensuring that the sludge in the containers could also be collected. Unique: we have measured the dry solids content of the fine material that was released during the transition from one container to the other. With this data, together with the flow rate, the flocculant dosing was optimised, allowing clear water to flow back into the excavation pit. Watch the film below! We monitored the work with our remotely controllable Polymer Preparation and Dosing Installation.

Video clear water in Oss:

Click on the illustration below for a video: clear water routed back to the excavation pit. It is downloaded as .mov-file and is 1.4 MB.

Pictures made in Oss:

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